Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB

By on 29/10/2017

De multa vreme caut un laptop care sa suplinească Apple-ul pe care butonez de vreo 3 ani, caci vine o vreme când chiar și pentru un produs calitativ cum sunt cele de la Apple apare uzura morala (softul vrea mai mult dar hardware-ul începe sa nu mai poată). Pentru…


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Singleton done right in C++ 11

By on 11/07/2017

Today searching the internet I’ve found a “cool” and simple method to create a safe singleton that performs well in multithreading environment.

With a small amount of lines you can achieve both: safe initialization and multithreading safety.
class Singleton {
static std::once_flag onceFlag;


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Turbo boost disabler for Mac OSX

By on 04/03/2017

Searching a better way to improve battery life when compiling programs without a connected charger I’ve found Turbo Boost Switcher. This software instructs the CPU to work at it’s limited hardware clock and not taking advance of the extra juice offered by the turbo boost technology.

While on Linux or Windows…


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The PIMPL idiom

By on 14/01/2017

The purpose

Remove compilation dependencies on internal class implementations and improve compile times.

The story behind

When a header file changes, any files that #include that file will need to be recompiled. In the case of a class header, this is true even if those changes only apply to private members of…


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Inheritance in C++

By on 07/01/2017

The question:
I looked and couldn’t find a good explanation of the difference between public, private, and protected inheritance in C++. All of the questions I’ve found deal with specific cases. What is the difference in general?
The answer:
There are three accessors that I’m aware of: public, protected and private.

Lets take…


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GITLab workflow

By on 07/01/2017


Asa cum va povesteam in postarea anterioara anul trecut am avut placuta sansa ca alaturi de colegii de serviciu sa dezbatem subiectul sistemelor de versionare. Folosind zilnic platformele opensource github, gitlab, bitbucket si cunoscand destul de bine subiectul am creat niste prezentari pentru git.

Cand vine vorba de utilitare ce…

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