Getting started with Git

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Anul trecut am avut placuta sansa ca alaturi de colegii de serviciu sa dezbatem subiectul sistemelor de versionare. Folosind zilnic platformele opensource github, gitlab, bitbucket si cunoscand destul de bine subiectul am creat niste prezentari pentru git.

Acestea sunt:

  • Getting started with git
  • Branching can change your life
  • GitLab workflow

Getting started with git

[slideshare id=70616784&doc=gettingstarted-170103074410]


Principalele subiecte discutate au fost:

  • setting up a repository (comenzi, mod de lucru),
  • saving changes (how to do it in a better way, add vs commit and the mighty staging area),
  • inspecting a repository (git status, git log),
  • viewing old commits (the better checkout command),
  • undoing changes (revert vs reset vs clean),
  • rewriting history (amend a commit or rebase the branch)

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